Welcome to Renner & Renner Consulting

Who we are

Renner & Renner Consulting is registered in Nigeria to manage the HCD deficit and spearhead resolution of 21st Century Human Capital Development challenges. To this end, alliances and partnerships have been formed with like-minded progressive organisations across the globe to deliver results to varied client base. Invariably, we see ourselves as part of the global shift, remaining alert to world class innovative solutions.

Our Company was founded on two fundamental principles: passion for what we do and an unsurpassed results oriented drive to understand client’s needs. Consequently, our priority is to assist clients attain simple bespoke solutions or comprehensive solutions for complex issues.
Our business is to explore and diagnose organizational issues affecting growth, productivity, reduced employee morale as well as experiences unique to our clients to provide effective solutions. We aim to drive sustained organizational performance through people, processes and technology, and to shape creative thought processes, leading practice and building capability.

Our goal is to keep solutions simple by ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently to maximize your profits and keep you ahead of the competition.

How we do it

Structure Design
Execution Excellence and Operational Efficiency

Our advantages

Results Oriented

Proven work stands the test of time and our clients can attest to our worth. We employ benchmarked best practices that are sure to give the desired results.


Sensitivity to time is at the core of our business. Our team of experts ensure that we take upon elements of the project according to the requirements set by our clients and to this day we have not failed to deliver.



Clear direction of the decisions to make is what we do. We groom our clients to be leaders and empower them with tools to effective run their organization to be profitable.


Industry knowledge allow us to best determine how to embark on a project and advise our clients on the pace and structure it should run to ensure effectiveness in the results outcome.