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Business Strategy

Successful businesses are prudent with their equity to debt ratio, devote time and resources to research & development of its products, have motivational leaders with a clear vision, people focused, obsessive and responsive to their customersí needs and uncompromising when it relates to quality, and service.

We aim to employ sensible strategies that target our clientís customers in order to ensure that their needs are met and our client meets their set profit goals.

Business Process Improvement

Great organizations continuously evaluate their processes because as time changes the needs and wants of customers also changes. Organizations that refuse to adapt to the ever changing customer would not survive.

Our systematic approach employs looking into the current processes used by our clients critically analyze it and provide our findings. Based on our recommendations for our clients we plan a business process improvement initiative, redesign the deficient areas, and develop a systematic approach for creating and implementing change.

Change Management

Change happens. Change is hard and it is inevitable. However, planning for change is always a smart investment. Organizations that do not plan for change see a reduction in productivity, reduced employee morale, and resistance to change initiatives.

We ask the hard questions. Is the change right for the client at this moment? Where the client organization is now, and what is the desired future state? Has top leadership bought into change? Has extensive communication plans being put in place to communicate change plans to employees? These are just a few of the questions we ask. We plan the change, seek leadership buy in, advise on readiness to action plan and manage the process of change.

Conflict & Resolution Management

Conflict in the work place is part of business and differing perspectives of people is expected. Some organizations do not endorse having productive conflict. However, from conflict come improved understanding, increased group cohesion and improved self-knowledge; if conflict is handled properly.

How do we handle conflict effectively? What strategies do we employ when we do not agree with someone? Is the issue important to me? We provide solutions to dealing with problems between subordinates, superiors and peers in the work setting. Conflict does not have to be negative in outcome but rather a positive experience.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk management in any business is a necessity and companies that have a plan in place mitigate for potential crisis which could lead to lawsuits, reputation loss, and credibility.

Intelligent enterprise risk management plans consider vulnerabilities within the organization and with statistical analysis determine those risks that are prone to occur often. It prioritizes the risks accordingly from low to high with specific plans on how to deal with each of the identified risks.

Health & Safety

Safety of employees at the work place is one that has to be taken seriously. If employees feel that they are not safe in their work environment, their output would reduce. Creating an environment that is safe and free from dangers is the responsibility of the employer.

Certification on Health Safety & Environment (HSE) in the work place would allow for our clients to be in the know of current health and safety issues in the work place and the expected standard to keep up with best practices.

HR Re-engineering & Outsourcing

Human Resources are crucial for effectively running a business and it should be strategically aligned with the goals of profitability. This resource should be used effectively to address people management issues, employee career development, succession planning, organizational change and development. This unit should be viewed strategically and work hand in hand with the sales, marketing, public relations and other business units. If there is synergy in the units working hand in hand, excesses are reduced and profits are maximized.

We work with your HR unit to provide them with the right tools to ensure they can carry on the role of managing their organization effectively.

Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology (IT) is the way of the future and it continues to advance at a rapid rate with new technologies being invented to help make work move faster and efficiently.

Our experts have industry experience with different technologies ranging from SAP, CRM, E-commerce solutions, Networking solutions and certifications in various course trainings.

Leadership Development

The importance of having great leadership is one that should not be taken lightly. Effective leaders are problem solvers, self-aware and insightful of their impact on others, they engage and energize their people, trustworthy, have integrity, and most importantly a clear vision for the future.

Developing leaders to be inspirational is one that takes a life time. But we put the learning blocks in place and activity plans to transform the mindset of people from being managers to leaders.

Management Retreats

Retreats are meant to be a time for employees and management to be in an informal setting to spark honest conversations between staff and top management about the current realities facing an organization.

We customize the retreats to fit the needs of our client and our advisory team would also work with management in addressing the specific outcomes of the retreat for their staff.

Organizational Health Check

Organization Health Check (OHC) assesses the fitness, readiness, capabilities, competencies and adaptability of a firm within its business environment.

Our health checks focuses on drilling down to all levels of the organization and quantify the robustness of the organizationís systems and fitness for purpose. We are able to better detect the problems that are currently in place or potential issues that might arise in the future.

Organization Design & Transformation

Organization design entails the framework or at best the foundation into which business processes are developed and the structure of the look of the organization which would align with the firmís mission, vision, and goals. For instance the hierarchical structure and reporting lines allow for people to know who they are accountable to in the organization process.

Transformation is the action plan after the design phase. It is putting into effect the planned changes to fit with the desired organization structure that would best enhance our clientís processes.

Our Organizational Change & Development team knows what it entails to design a structure. We ensure that the new structure aligns with your business processes, performance management systems, and reward and recognition systems.

People Management

People management encompasses the task of recruitment, management and support for employees throughout their term within an organization. The process involves compensation, hiring, disciplinary, training and performance management.

We provide the Human Resources Managers of our clients with the tools to deal with handling recruitment, training and development, career planning, rewards and recognition.

Performance Management

Employees need to know how they are doing within their organization and expectations about their performance need to be clear. Benchmarks of acceptable standards must be clearly stated with them.

A strong performance management system is and will always be an important tool for the growth and survival of any Organization especially in a market characterized by ever increasing competition, economic turbulence, ever changing government regulations, product innovation and demand for increased staff performance and effectiveness.

Our experience in this area is based on tested best practices for handling performance management in organizations. We coach managers on the initial discussion with employees, the follow up, and the end of year performance reviews.

Recruitment & Selection

Attracting and retention of high caliber talent is key to having a work force that is not only aligned with your vision. But would be innovative and responsive to the needs of your customers.

Selection of the right people for the job would reduce the headache of unplanned recruitment exercises. We would work with management in ensuring that the plans put in place for handling recruitment is strategically aligned with the business

Sales & Relationship Management

Sales and Relationship management is crucial for any organization willing to build and maintain a solid customer base especially as regards to customer retention. Relationship management aims to create a partnership between the organization and its audience rather than consider the relationship merely transactional. Consumers who feel that a business responds to their needs are more likely to continue using the products and services that the business offers.

Selling skills, client relationship management, and know your client are some of the skills we teach to your staff in effectively dealing with your customers.

Stress & Time Managementt

Managing time and stress in the work place keeps your people healthy and happy in their roles. But the techniques to employ in order to deal with stress and handling time effectively is not well known.

We can teach the proper ways to deal with handling time and stress in the work place and this is sure to guarantee a reduction in absenteeism and loss in productivity.

Training & Development

This encompasses training staff on work related skills, techniques and knowledge, and customized learning and training for individuals to address identified deficient areas.

We conduct an assessment of each of the staff members using our skill assessment tools to identify their weaknesses and develop them into strengths. Our tools also identify their natural strengths so that individuals can continue to grow them.

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